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Welcome to the Haunted Highlands

Upon the harsh northern marches lies a curious roadhouse. Here are gathered the flotsam of the world – scoundrels, miscreants, mercenaries, rogues, soldiers of fortune and adventures for hire. They call it Dirty Bowbie’s and it’s as rough as it is a safe sanctuary in these dark and bloody lands. The Highlands have not always been the lawless borderlands they are today. Once, long ago, a Kingdom thrived here and the wealth of its coffers flowed across the lands. Now those days are long past and only faint memories remain…

Roleplaying Game System

Haunted Highlands is run with the Castles & Crusades game system from Troll Lord Games. Castles & Crusades is a clone of Dungeons & Dragons and was developed under the Open Gaming License. It was originally devoloped as a house system for Gary Gygax to develop his classic Castle Greyhawk campaign (under the name Castle Zagyg). Although based on D&D 3e, the engine has been simplified and attempts to recreate the “feel” of AD&D 1e. Gary Gygax figured heavily in its development and many feel it is a glimpse into what Mr. Gygax’s Second Edition of AD&D would have been like.

More information on Castles & Crusades is available on the Troll Lord Games website.

The Sci-Fi Saturday Group

Our gaming troupe is an offshoot of the Sci-Fi Saturday Group, a collection of Sci-Fi fans from around Wright County and is based in Buffalo, MN. Early on we discovered many members were also interested in table top gaming, which resulted in our current Haunted Highlands campaign.

We are always interested in new members, so if you reside in the area and enjoy table top gaming or Sci-Fi in general, please get in contact with us.

Additional details and contact information is available on the Sci-Fi Saturday website.

The Haunted Highlands

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