The Haunted Highlands

An Ancient Temple...

Campaign Time: Rire 25th, 1352 - 4pm

Following their encounter with the giant toad, the party quickly exits the ancient warehouse. The group discusses the situation briefly and decide to continue exploring the lost city. After investigating an ancient manse and a partially collapsed inn and discovering little, the group decides to backtrack to the tunnels guarded by the orcish archers.

Our brave adventurers follow the entry tunnel deeper into the unexplored section of the sewers. Taking the first door, they enter into an empty chamber with a spiral stair ascending into the ceiling. After a brief investigation, it is quickly determined the spiral stair leads to an abandoned storefront in the Docks district of Dro Mandras.

While part of the party investigates the storefront above, Xena Vellacus discovers a secret door on the northern wall of the chamber below. Once reunited, the characters decide to explore beyond the secret door. They descend a set of stairs and enter a large temple. The temple has a strange altar at the far end of the room and skeletal remains line the walls. The group advances into the room and Xena quickly investigates the altar. The minute she touches the dark altar, the skeletal remains spring to life and attack the group. Esaleth immediately tries to turn the undead creatures with partial success. A long battle ensues and the adventurers eventually destroy the skeletal foes.

So ends this month’s session…