The Haunted Highlands

Deja Vu All Over Again

Campaign Time: Kiboc 15th, 1352 - 10am

Following their extended rest, our brave heroes survey their surroundings. Finding no sign of activity near their room they decide to descend back to the second level. After hearing kobald voices below, the group decides to send Bree down to the platform below to scout out the enemy and provide a distraction, allowing the other members of the group to exit the elevator.

Silently the party lowers the halfling rogue to the second level landing, where she climbs onto the rocky wall. With Bree in place the rest of the group is lowered down in the iron basket. As the the iron cage rests upon the landing, Bree calls forth the ghost jackel from her dagger and sends the beast into the cavern. Sensing battle from the platform above, Kroll begins descending the rope and promptly loses his grip…again. This time however the half-orc has secured himself with a rope attached to the cage. The rope holds and Kroll comes to an abrupt stop near the platform. As the rest of the group quickly exits the elevator, the half-orc pulls himself onto the platform.

Our little troupe charges into battle against more than a dozen kobalds, one of which is a spellcaster. The horde of little creatures turn out to be a serious challenge for the characters. Two characters, Elanor and Jebadia fall in combat, while Kroll is incapacitated by the kobald shaman. However, our heroes continue to battle and eventually force the few remaining kobalds to retreat. Following the battle Kroll quickly regains his composure and Jebadia receives healing from Esaleth and recovers. Elanor however is seriously injured and will take some time to heal. Our group decides to hold up in the current room in hopes of recovering spells and providing additional healing to the injured characters. In preparation for the extended rest, the halfling rogue sets an alarm trap at each of the entrances into the chamber…