The Haunted Highlands

Deploy the Jackal

Kiboc 21st, 1352 - 9am

Our little group of adventurers spends the next two days resting and healing from their first encounter with the elite kobald guards. Rested and fully healed, the characters face their fears and move through the dark corridors to face their foes once more.

Returning to the chamber, the characters find the door again barred. Grugosh, ill temptered and eager to get into the fight quickly chops throught he door and lifts the bar. The adventurers again rush into the chamber and attack the kobalds. Bree quickly calls forth her jackal companion, creating a stir among the kobalds. The group’s warriors tear into the kobald defenses. Although the kobald’s armor is strong, the party wears down the creatures and ultimately defeats them.

The adventurers proceed deeper into the complex, finding a strange room full of what appear to be gears and other parts for the complex’s elevator system. Jebedia moves into the room and quickly finds the chamber is riddled with traps. Bree steps forward and clears the room of the devious devices. Crossing the room, our heroes find themselves on another platform, with a lift that descends to the third level. It is at this time that the group notices Ynger Froog is missing following an “incident” with Bree.

Our little troupe decides to finish exploring the second level before moving to the third and travels deeper in the tunnels. The PC’s find another chamber and decide to investigate. Inside they find the walls covered in strange carvings depicting kobalds interacting with what appears to be their dragon queen. In the center of the room is a depression in the floor that pulses with a strange unholy light. Within the depression are a clutch of eggs…with a bloodstone like cast. One of the eggs is much larger than the others and throps atop the heap. The characters quickly realize they have found the giant egg the Brother Frosk is searching for. They quickly secure the giant egg and a couple of the smaller ones for good measure. By this time it is late in the afternoon and our heroes decide to fall back to kobald guard room to rest and discuss their next move. Some members believe they should return the egg to Brother Frosk immediately, however after much debate they decide to continue thier search for the Ipati brothers. Naela decides to don her amulet before falling asleep in an effort to induce another prophecy regarding the brothers…