The Haunted Highlands

Fubar's Den

Campaign Time: Kiboc 12th, 1352 - 1pm

Our little group stands before the heavy oaken door leading east into the complex. Up to this point the rooms and hallways encountered have been fashioned from cut stone. The door and lock are of no lesser quality and Bree fails to pick the lock. Before the group can discuss other options, they are startled by heavy pounding on the other side of the door. Within minutes the door flies from the threshold and a massive ogre stands before them. Fubar attacks with his large club and proves to be a challenging opponent. However our adventurers eventually wear him down and the ogre crashes to the stone floor. Fubar’s lair is not far away and our group finds a small treasure hoard (including various coins, a broken helmet, a jug of sour wine, a silver dagger and two healing potions).

Moving on, our group investigates a small room north of the ogre’s lair, which contains living quarters for two creatures and a locked chest. Bree fails a second lockpick roll and Grugosh impatiently smashes the wooden chest. Coins and 3 agates spill onto the floor, along with two more healing potions. Although currently unoccupied, the room is connected to the mysterious tunnel system encountered in the first room. The group decides to send the halfling into the dark tunnels. Bree moves through the small tunnels easily and stumbles across a cavern-like room occupied by 2 adult cavern raptors, 4 young cavern raptors and their kobald keeper. The halfling quickly retreats and warns the group. Although the adventurers prepare for an ambush, the raptors do not follow them into the room.

Convinced the raptors will not follow, the group decides to explore deeper into the eastern hallways. Almost immediately they are ambushed by kobald archers from the small tunnel system also present in this area. The characters quickly dispatch them, but as our session ends…they hear strange yips and clicks coming from within the dark tunnel entrances.