The Haunted Highlands

Gimme Some Water...

Kiboc 18th, 1352 - 11am

Having defeated the kobalds in the nest cavern, our little troupe takes a moment to investigate the chamber and examine the eggs. Although none of the eggs appear to match the description of the giant egg that Brother Frosk seeks, Xena considers taking a few, but in the end reconsiders. During the break our group takes an inventory of their supplies and finds that, after over a week in the complex their food and water is running low. The group decides to fall back to the room in which they rescued Ynger Froog and send out a small raiding party back to the natural pool in the nest cavern on the first level. Meanshile, Ynger Froog assists the group by smoking the raptor meat.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Esaleth take the lift to the first level. They head back to the nest cavern to fill their skins at the natural pool. As they enter the room they are attacked by a group of giant rats that have been feasting on the eggs in the nest. Tristan makes quick work of the creatures while Esaleth fills the skins. They consider going back to the ogre’s chamber and recovering the wine and ale casks, but reconsider and head back to the group instead.

The party rests throught the night. Froog has managed to preserve about a weeks worth of rations for each character in the party, which they gladly stow in their packs. Rested and partially healed the group heads deeper into the complex. They pass through an abandoned raptor cavern on their way back to the nest cave. Reaching the nest, they decide to head deeper into the complex. They follow a narrow hallway into a foul smelling cavern filled with strange mushroom-like fungas. As they advance across the room, the fungus begin the screech. Nearly deafened by the noise the party pushes through to the far end of the cavern to investigates the two exits. The first is a dead end cavern, which appears to be a training room for young raptors and the group quickly takes down the three immature beasts in the room. Finding little of interest in the cavern they move on to the next exit and find that it connects up with the ledge around the chasm (as evidenced by the raptor body stuffed in the small exit).

The group moves back into the room to investigate the final exit on the north wall. As they carefully make their way around the strange fungus, the plants begin screeching. The characters hurry out of the room to get away from the sound and find themselves in a short hallway ending with a solid oaken door. A number of strange agitated voices can be heard on the other side of the door. The group decides to rush into the room, but finds the door locked. Bree investigates the lock, but is unable to attampt to pick it. She is sure the portal is barred from the other side…


Oh, Bree investigates the lock, does she?

Gimme Some Water...

From afar of course :)

Gimme Some Water...

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