The Haunted Highlands

Grugosh is soooo cute!

Kiboc 24th, 1352 - 3pm

Our little group enters the room beyond the shattered door. For the first time since they met, Esaleth seems to notice Grugosh’s manly prowess? Meanwhile, as the adventures enter the room, they find a large pool filled with a strange silver liquid. The group spends a considerable amount of time investigating the pool. They quickly determine it is a scrying pool from the dwarven runes carved into the lip of the structure. Naela eventually discovers that one can read the thoughts of another, who’s reflection appears in the pool. She also feels the pool may have other effects that require a command word.

Eventually the adventurers move on and circle back to the first chamber with the stone statues. As the group investigates the two winged statues…suddenly they come to life and attack. The adventurers find them difficult to hit, but eventually Tristan’s mighty blows smite the foul beasts.

Following the battle, they decide to move east and find themselves in an irregular shaped chamber. Each of the three unexplored exits are blocked by a portcullis. As the group investigates the room, they stumble upon a pressure plate, which seems to control the porcullises. The first activation closes the portcullis on the hallway in which they entered and traps Xena…knocking her unconscious. As part of the group struggles to free Xena, the rest are confronted by a group of ghouls which enter through the, now open, southern hallway. Unhappy with the odds, the party continues to stomp on the pressure plate, eventually letting a group of strangly mutated kobalds into the room as well. Outnumbered the characters flail away at their enemies. After a lengthy battle, the adventurers eventually best their foes and manage to free Xena. Battered and bloody the group retreats back to the pool room to rest. After reinforcing the broken door and putting the jackal on guard duty the characters settle down for the night. The evening passes peacefully and as the characters are waking, the jackal begins to howl. Suddenly a forceful pounding rattles the door…