The Haunted Highlands

I said, "Hang On"!

Campaign Time: Kiboc 12th, 1352 - 6pm

The group quickly springs into action, freeing the Grugosh and healing him. Although badly beaten the barbarian is on his feet and able to proceed. Spying a door at the far end of the chamber, the group investigates and find the portal locked. After some difficulty, the warriors eventually break down the door only to be greeted by another locked door at the end of the short hallway.

The characters quickly bash the door down, surprising the kobald guards in the small chamber. The group quickly takes down the kobald warriors and finds a lift platform accessing the sinkhole. A metal basket descends deeper into the pit. Our little troupe decides to descend deeper into complex. Naela and Kroll stay on the platform and lower the rest of the group.

As the basket rests upon the landing of what can only be level 2, a dozen or more kobalds respond to the intruders. The group has difficulty exiting the basket as they take missile fire from the kobald archers. Meanwhile, Kroll sees the ambush unfold below and decides to climb down the chain to the basket. Untrained in such skills, the half-orc makes it a few feet before his hands slip and he finds himself falling. From the platform above, Naela sees the horror unfolding below and springs into action. She casts an Entangle spell and the roots deep below the surface spring forth, catching Kroll and holding him fast.

All the while, Tristan and Jebedia are holding off the kobald horde, as the remaining characters free themselves from the basket. Not long before the last kobald falls, Grugosh pulls Kroll to safety on the platform. Battered and demoralized, the group decides to fortify the lift room above and rest.

Our little group spends the remainder of the day and the day following recovering their strength and healing their wounded. Although weary of ambush, they are not disturbed…