The Haunted Highlands

Into the Sewers...

Campaign Time: Rire 25th, 1352 - 11am

Our group of brave adventurers find themselves in the city of Dro Mandras. Having completed their mission as caravan guards they spend their days and nights at The Four Helms, a rough and ready inn & tavern popular among locals and adventurers alike. Their short time in Dro Mandras has dampened their enthusiasm for the big city however. The once great city is now under siege, with the orcish armies occupying the eastern half of the city. The western city lives in fear, while crime, bigotry and totalitarian rule dominate the lives of the citizens.

It is at the Helms that our troupe is approached by a mysterious figure known as Cyrus. The stranger is looking to hire a group of adventurers to descend into the sewers and locate his associate, Basil. Always short on gold, our group accepts Cyrus’ offer of 25gp each to locate Basil. They must descend into the sewers and return Basil or his corpse and possessions to Cyrus, who awaits their return at the Four Helms.

Cyrus escorts the adventurers to the eastern edge of the city and within a ruined building near the riverbank, he shows them the stone trapdoor into which Basil descended. The group climbs down the entry shaft and is astounded to find a series of chambers and hallways. It is here that they encounter The Vagabond King, a bugbear who has been tormenting the tramps and refugees who attempt to take refuge in his chambers. The party quickly defeats the bugbear and only learn of his true nature from another tramp (Kol) hiding in one of the rooms, whom they help escape back to the surface. Investigating the area further, the group finds a strange chamber behind a secret door. The room is filled with antiquities, consisting mostly of furniture and ornamental objects. However, they do locate what appears to be a magical short sword, which the druidess Naela claims as her own.

Moving deeper into the tunnels our group found the true sewers, rivers of filth running though the maze of tunnels. Bree, the trusty halfling thief scouted ahead and appeared to pickup a mysterious dagger. The rest of the group, hot on her heels caught up with her just in time to be ambushed by a pair of orcish archers, who appeared to be hold up in a separate section of chambers. The adventurers quickly dispatched the two orcs and then noticed a strange sight. The other bank of the river of filth opens up into a giant cavern, which appears to be filled with…buildings! Our group quickly crosses a small ford and investigates the first building. Within the old warehouse, they find a garden of strange fungus and moss covering the floor and interior of the structure. Shortly after the discovery they are attacked by a giant toad, which had been hiding within the garden. They quickly dispatch the beast with minor incident.

So ends this months session…