The Haunted Highlands

Meat Cork

Kiboc 17th, 1352 - 12pm

Our group of adventurers spends a couple of days resting in the large cavern near the second level platform. The time passes relatively peacefully with one exception, an ambush early on by a group of Cavern Raptors led by a small contingent of kobalds. After an extented combat the adventurers manage to defeat the attack. The attackers defeated, our group spends the next two days healing and recovering spells. Initially the adventurers decide to investigate the ledge along the chasm. They find it leads about 1/4 way around the pit then ends. However, near the end of the ledge they find a small hole leading to a cavern beyond. They decide to stuff a raptor corpse in the hole, effectively blocking it.

The group doubles back and takes the other exit out of the platform cavern. They follow it around through a series of smaller caverns, encountering kobalds and raptors along the way. The group also encounters a strange gnome, Ynger Froog who had been captured by the kobalds. He claims to be from Lamplight Station, which is deeper in the caverns and offers to accompany the group as their scout. The adventurers reluctantly agree, though many amoung the group are suspicious of the gnome.

Our little troupe, led by Ynger continues deep into the complex and finally stumble upon another nest cavern. The group quickly defeats the kobald guards, including a spell-caster and is confronted by a group of angry females protecting their eggs. Grugosh, still under the effects of the kobald spell-caster unknowingly attacks the females with his magical mace. Tasting blood the barbarian’s frenzy continues until he has murdered the 6 females. Following the blood bath, the adventuers regroup, searching the bodies and investigating the eggs. They find this to be a large nest with over 100 eggs, about 10 of which are coal black. None of the eggs however appear to be the strange bloodstone egg sought by Brother Frosk…


Oh, Bree investigates the lock, does she?

Meat Cork