The Haunted Highlands

The Arena

Kiboc 25th, 1352 - 7am

Startled awake by the rhythmic pounding at the door, our brave group of adventures set themselves for the invevitable assault. As the zombie horde breaks through the makeshift door, the characters hold their ground. They wait for the undead to filter into the room and deal with them one at at time. The method proves effective and the group eventually dispatches the undead.

After some debate, the group decides to move back to the irregularly shaped porcullis room. This time they coordinate their efforts and only open one porcullis at at time. The first attempt opens the southern exit and group quickly dispatches a pair of ghouls. They advance down the hallway and find it ends in a filthy cavern, which they quickly determine to be the ghoul’s lair. Returning back to the arena room, they hit the pressure plate a second time and open up the eastern porcullis. A group of strange mutated kobalds ambush them from the shadows. The characters find these creatures much stronger than normal kobalds and their strange ambushing technique remains a mystery. Persistance wins the day and the characters eventually overpower the strange creatures.

The session ends as our brave troupe advances down the dark eastern corridor…