The Haunted Highlands

What has gone before...
Campaign Time: Kymaz 10th, 1352 - 8am

Our brave group of adventurers met at Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse. Although each has their own reason for travelling the Karboskian Marches, all long for adventure and the freedom that the open road can provide. For mutual benefit, they have banded together, forming an adventuring company to fulfill their lust for excitement and the riches that only a life of adventure can provide.

Following a request from Bull, the barbarian proprietor of Dirty Bowbie’s, our intrepid troupe of adventures set out to investigate the kidnapping of Tabika, one of the dancing girls at the Roadhouse. Following an initial confrontation at an isolated crossroads west of the Roadhouse, the adventurers tracked the bandits back to their cavern lair within Red Rock hill. The party methodically investigated the complex, destroying the Red Rock Bandits and defeating their leader Ulrich the Red and his mysterious Face Mace. They rescued Tabika and set off for the return journey to Dirty’s. During the return trip, they happened upon an ambush. They quickly defeated the orc raiding party, but were unable to locate the suspected survivors which had hidden in the tall grass north of the area. As a gesture of good will, they left a single scarf at the scene and instructions to any survivors to return it at the Roadhouse and claim their only remaining wagon and goods.

A few days after returning to Dirty Bowbie’s, a haggard rider appeared at the Roadhouse. The injured rider, named Myskip told his fantastic tale of survival. It seems he was part of a caravan of settlers looking to establish a community west of the Roadhouse. They were attacked and destroyed by an orcish raiding party. Myskip and his niece, Yolanda were the only survivors. A group of adventures happened upon the ambush and ultimately defeated the orcs. This group left a scarf at the scene and instructed survivors to make their way to the Roadhouse. During their journey to Dirty’s, Myskip and Yolanda were again ambushed, this time near the Witch Fens by a group of Gnolls. Myskip escaped, but Yolanda was captured and dragged into the marsh. Myskip pleads for assistance to rescue his niece and the party agrees.

With the assistance of the Ranger Jebedia, the adventurers track the gnolls deep into the swamp. The party has a number of dangerous encounters while tracking the gnolls, including a strange encounter with fen fog during which Jebedia becomes bewildered and wanders into the fog. Although the group recovers the ranger, he remains ever fearful of the Witch Fens. The trail ultimately leads to a Gnoll village. Following a failed assault at the front gate and ultimate infiltration of the encampment by Grugosh and Jebedia, the group finds Yolanda tied to a stake in the center of the village. Grugosh orchestras a daring rescue and escape and our little troupe of adventurers disappears back into the swamp. Returning to Dirty Bowbie’s, the party reunites Yolanda with her uncle Myskip.

Our little adventuring troupe then turns their attention to a rumor that a prominent merchant, named Maksim Ipati is hiring guards for his trip to the city of Dro Mandras. Although not currently at the Roadhouse, upon his return the rumors prove to be true and he quickly hires the adventurers on. The druidess Naela has a strange encounter with Maksim, in which she confronts him regarding his two sons, Borvya and Corpus. Maksim appears to become beset and heavy hearted at the mention of his sons. Clearly, Naela seems to have some info regarding the matter, but has not spoken openly with the rest of the group.

Maksim’s caravan, accompanied by our hearty adventurers, sets out for the great city of Dro Mandras. During the journey south, it quickly becomes clear that all is not right in the area. The group receives warnings from a small group of Centaurs, led by Braunn, to beware orc raiding parties crossing the Mandras River. A few days later, the caravan encounters one of the raiding parties, as a mounted half-orc attempts to ride down a ragged halfling. At Maksim’s order, the adventurers rescue the pitiful halfling and are led into a nearby grove, where they find more slaves guarded by their orcish captors. The party quickly defeats the orcs, frees the slaves and pledge to accompany them to safety in Dro Mandras. Shortly there after the group meets the ranger Rohn, who is in the employ of Sheriff Arn Porski. He is hunting orcs, half-orcs and other raiders at the request of Dro Mandras’ Sheriff. He agrees to investigate the slave’s village, known as Shackleford, then meet up with the refugees in the city. The rest of the journey is uneventful, though upon reaching the city it quickly becomes apparent that Dro Mandras has a hatred toward all orcs and half-orcs. After completing the caravan’s journey to Maksim’s warehouse, the group accompanies the refugees to the safety of the Hospitaller’s Keep. The party then retires to the Four Helms inn. Their half-orc companion, Kroll Longfingers is smuggled into the inn and goes into immediate hiding. While the party settles in at the Helms, they debate their future. Will they explore the city or return to Dirty’s with Maksim in a few days…