The Haunted Highlands

Deploy the Jackal
Kiboc 21st, 1352 - 9am

Our little group of adventurers spends the next two days resting and healing from their first encounter with the elite kobald guards. Rested and fully healed, the characters face their fears and move through the dark corridors to face their foes once more.

Returning to the chamber, the characters find the door again barred. Grugosh, ill temptered and eager to get into the fight quickly chops throught he door and lifts the bar. The adventurers again rush into the chamber and attack the kobalds. Bree quickly calls forth her jackal companion, creating a stir among the kobalds. The group’s warriors tear into the kobald defenses. Although the kobald’s armor is strong, the party wears down the creatures and ultimately defeats them.

The adventurers proceed deeper into the complex, finding a strange room full of what appear to be gears and other parts for the complex’s elevator system. Jebedia moves into the room and quickly finds the chamber is riddled with traps. Bree steps forward and clears the room of the devious devices. Crossing the room, our heroes find themselves on another platform, with a lift that descends to the third level. It is at this time that the group notices Ynger Froog is missing following an “incident” with Bree.

Our little troupe decides to finish exploring the second level before moving to the third and travels deeper in the tunnels. The PC’s find another chamber and decide to investigate. Inside they find the walls covered in strange carvings depicting kobalds interacting with what appears to be their dragon queen. In the center of the room is a depression in the floor that pulses with a strange unholy light. Within the depression are a clutch of eggs…with a bloodstone like cast. One of the eggs is much larger than the others and throps atop the heap. The characters quickly realize they have found the giant egg the Brother Frosk is searching for. They quickly secure the giant egg and a couple of the smaller ones for good measure. By this time it is late in the afternoon and our heroes decide to fall back to kobald guard room to rest and discuss their next move. Some members believe they should return the egg to Brother Frosk immediately, however after much debate they decide to continue thier search for the Ipati brothers. Naela decides to don her amulet before falling asleep in an effort to induce another prophecy regarding the brothers…

Laughing Zombies
Kiboc 23rd, 1352 - 11am

Retreating back to their safe room on the second level, our group of adventurers spends the night resting and healing following their battles with the elite kobald guards. Naela has a strange and horrifying dream sequence during the night. She shares the vision with the other adventures in the morning. In her dream, she witnesses the murder of one of the Ipati boys by a strange cloaked figure named Malash, which they later determine to be the mysterious “Necromancer”.

The next morning they set out. The group is still torn between exploring the rest of the second level or moving on to the third. The party congretates near the gear room and sends a scout down the unexplored hallway toward a lighted chamber. The scout quickly returns and reports a kobald presence in the chamber. The adventureres quickly determine the kobalds are preparing for an attack and decide to move on to the third level.

Our little troupe finds themselves on the landing of the third level and immediately notice the stone used is a bit darker than what they’ve seen before. The move deeper into the complex and find a chamber with two strange winged statues. The statues appear to radiate magic and the group does their best to avoid them as they move on.

Moving down a long winding hallway, the party checks to locked doors. The first they are unable to open, but Bree manages to get them past the second. Inside the find a chamber filled with large urn, stopped with wax. Naela recognizes these from her dream and quickly moves to open one. Inside they find a human corpse submersed in a strange acidy smelling liquid. Jebadiah examines the body finds the Ipati birth mark on its neck. The adventures check the rest of jars, but do not find the other brother.

Moving farther down the winding hallway they find it ends a large room, that can only be described as the laboratory of a mad man. Inside they find all manner of macabre experiments, including dissections and dismemberments. Each is pinned to its respective table and includes research notes. From the ceiling hang cages, many of which contain the unfortunate subjects of strange and unnatural experiments. The group quickly decices to move on, but finds the southern door locked and unopenable. As a result, they decide to explore the other exit from the jar room.

The adventurers quickly determine the exit connects to a ledge along the circumfrence of the pit. They follow it for some time and eventually find it connects with an “L” shaped hallway deeper in the complex. As the adventurers move to investigate the hallway, the are surprised by a large group of skeletons. While setting their line for battle a second group of skeletons joins the fray. Esaleth quickly moves to turn the foul creatures…but fails miserably. As the skeletons continue to advance the characters soon realize they will be overwhelmed and organize a retreat back to the winding hallway. As Tristan covers the retreating characters, Grugosh chops down the other locked door in the hallway as an escape route. Meanwhile, Bree studies the lock to the jar room. As the last characters emerge into the safety of the tunnel, Bree slams the door shut and locks it. Grugush has chopped through the heavy oaken door and group moves into the dark room beyond as skeletons claw at the locked door…

Grugosh is soooo cute!
Kiboc 24th, 1352 - 3pm

Our little group enters the room beyond the shattered door. For the first time since they met, Esaleth seems to notice Grugosh’s manly prowess? Meanwhile, as the adventures enter the room, they find a large pool filled with a strange silver liquid. The group spends a considerable amount of time investigating the pool. They quickly determine it is a scrying pool from the dwarven runes carved into the lip of the structure. Naela eventually discovers that one can read the thoughts of another, who’s reflection appears in the pool. She also feels the pool may have other effects that require a command word.

Eventually the adventurers move on and circle back to the first chamber with the stone statues. As the group investigates the two winged statues…suddenly they come to life and attack. The adventurers find them difficult to hit, but eventually Tristan’s mighty blows smite the foul beasts.

Following the battle, they decide to move east and find themselves in an irregular shaped chamber. Each of the three unexplored exits are blocked by a portcullis. As the group investigates the room, they stumble upon a pressure plate, which seems to control the porcullises. The first activation closes the portcullis on the hallway in which they entered and traps Xena…knocking her unconscious. As part of the group struggles to free Xena, the rest are confronted by a group of ghouls which enter through the, now open, southern hallway. Unhappy with the odds, the party continues to stomp on the pressure plate, eventually letting a group of strangly mutated kobalds into the room as well. Outnumbered the characters flail away at their enemies. After a lengthy battle, the adventurers eventually best their foes and manage to free Xena. Battered and bloody the group retreats back to the pool room to rest. After reinforcing the broken door and putting the jackal on guard duty the characters settle down for the night. The evening passes peacefully and as the characters are waking, the jackal begins to howl. Suddenly a forceful pounding rattles the door…

The Arena
Kiboc 25th, 1352 - 7am

Startled awake by the rhythmic pounding at the door, our brave group of adventures set themselves for the invevitable assault. As the zombie horde breaks through the makeshift door, the characters hold their ground. They wait for the undead to filter into the room and deal with them one at at time. The method proves effective and the group eventually dispatches the undead.

After some debate, the group decides to move back to the irregularly shaped porcullis room. This time they coordinate their efforts and only open one porcullis at at time. The first attempt opens the southern exit and group quickly dispatches a pair of ghouls. They advance down the hallway and find it ends in a filthy cavern, which they quickly determine to be the ghoul’s lair. Returning back to the arena room, they hit the pressure plate a second time and open up the eastern porcullis. A group of strange mutated kobalds ambush them from the shadows. The characters find these creatures much stronger than normal kobalds and their strange ambushing technique remains a mystery. Persistance wins the day and the characters eventually overpower the strange creatures.

The session ends as our brave troupe advances down the dark eastern corridor…

Weekend at Bernies?
Kiboc 25th, 1352 - 11am

The dark eastern corridor quickly ends in a Y intersection. Our brave adventurers choose to follow the left path and following the twisting natural natural corridor to a small cavern. The cave is occupied by four of the strange mutated kobalds, which immediately attack. The creatures are tough opponents and the adventurers are surprised to learn that this group can breath fire! Their attacks are effective, but the party wears down the mutants and defeats them.

Moving back to the Y intersection, the group decides to head down the the right corridor. The investigage a side passage which ends in a small cavern. In the center of the room a rope ladder hangs down from the ceiling. The adventurers decide not to investigate and move on. Eventually the hallway leads to a very large natural cavern. At the edge of their vision, the group can see human sized figures moving in the darkness. The advance cautiously into the cavern. Near the middle of the room, a dozen of the figures advance on them from out of the darkness. The party quickly recognizes them as zombies. However, where the last group operated in a random unorganized fashion, these seem to be organized and utilizing tactics. Esaleth acts quickly casting a sound burst spell as her first action, she takes out nearly half of the creatures. Then she turns the rest, who retreat to the back of the cavern. The rest of the party quickly cuts them down. However, Bree notices something strange on her opponent…the creature seems to have a strange heart shaped birth mark on its cheek. The threat eliminated the group investigates Bree’s opponent and quickly decide they have found the final Ipati brother.

After a brief discussion, the party realizes that Maksim has requested that they bring his son’s remains back to him so they can receive a proper burial. They load up the new Ipati corpse onto Kroll and bring it back to the pool room. There they construct two makeshift litters and after determing there appear to be skeletons still prowling in the jar room, they decide to rest the night in the pool room and recover the first body in the morning…