Adelle Edgecraft

Female Halfling Slave


Halfling female appearing 42 years of age. Stands 3’8" tall and weighs 55 lbs with brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears normal clothing and carries a dagger.


Adelle is the leader of the surviving halfling inhabitants of Shackleford. She was one of the villagers who was taken prisoner and enslaved by an orc raiding party. The adventurers rescued the slaves during the Ipati Caravan journey to Dro Mandras. The survivors, at Maksim Ipati’s direction were brought to Dro Mandras with the caravan and are currently residing at the Hospitaller’s Keep. Adelle hopes to lead them back to there home and start anew. Although there is a history of tension between the humans and halflings of Shackleford, these feelings seem to have eased a bit, as the survivors pull together for the common good.

Adelle Edgecraft

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