Bree Boxwood

Female Halfling Rogue


Halfling female roughly 18 years old. Stands 3’2" tall and weighs 55 lbs with ash brown hair and gray eyes.
Wears a cloak, leather armor, and rogue’s tools.
Carries a short sword, dagger, and short-bow.
Pack includes candles, flint & steel, an extra dagger, waterskin, and — of course — enough rations for a halfling.
Treasure found includes a gold ring, a topaz gem, and perhaps another dagger.


The Boxwood family lives in a poor part of the Halfling village of Graywater. Bree has four elder brothers and a father. Her mother died when Bree was only nine years old, forcing her to drop out of school to help take care of the house while the brothers and father worked to put food on the table.

Because of high unemployment rates it was hard to keep a job, and eventually her brothers were out of work. One after another, they left Graywater for more promising locales, pledging to send money back home. Bree was left at home with a father who kept looking for work, but always ended up at the pub. What little income he did make, he spent on alcohol.

With an elementary education and lots of determination, Bree took to making a living her own way: by picking pockets and scavenging at night. It was enough to pay for her daily bread, but certainly not enough for new clothes for a growing girl. She got to be quite crafty at weaving; at night when no one was looking, she would sneak into the farmyards and comb the sheep and spin the yarn to create her own clothes. However, this thread-bare sort of life grows weary on a young person and soon she was wishing for a way out of the day-to-day thieving.

She sent word to her brothers that since not one of them had ever sent any money back to their father, she was going to set out on her own to seek enough fortune for a comfortable life for all of the family. She wove a blanket for her father, with the words “I PROMISE” knitted into it, kissed him on the cheek and set out for adventure.

Having met up with an assorted group of humans, elves, and a half-orc, Bree has been involved in a few bits of daring-do. She has been working on her lock-picking skills and slealth tactics. If truth be told, she doesn’t mind the heroism…but she would prefer a little more treasure and rewards. However, she was proud to be able to assist in the rescure of many enslaved halflings once.

Bree Boxwood

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