Brother Frosk

Mysterious Cleric


Male human cleric appears 52 years of age. Stands 6’0" tall and weighs 225 lbs with stout frame and barrel chest, balding head and piercing grey eyes. He is wearing mutlicolored robes over plate armor and is armed with a trident. A simple iron rod hangs from his belt.


Brother Frosk is a frequent visitor to Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse. He has a close tie to Bull (Dirty’s owner) and is rumored to have a room hidden within the walls of the Roadhouse. Although a pleasent man, Brother Frosk has an air of mystery and unpredictability surrounding him.

The mysterious cleric has retained the services of our adventuring goup. He has agreed to pay each surviving member 200gp for the recovery of a strange egg from the depths of the Crater of Umeshti. The oval shapped egg is quite large in size with a bloodstone caste to the shell.

Brother Frosk

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