Grugosh Bearjaw

Male Human Barbarian


Grugosh is a human male barbarian, roughly 24 years old. He stands 5’11" tall and weighs over 200 lbs with brown hair and eyes. He wears a chain shirt with shield and carries a battleaxe and longbow and magical (perhaps cursed) mace.


Grugosh has been one of Bull’s barbarian bouncers and is one of the most trustworthy at the Roadhouse. Grugosh says little and approaches all tasks with single minded determination. He seems to have little care for money, and has no compunction against sharing with other party members. His two primary motivations seem to come from: a) rescuing people in need, b) fighting for the joy of combat. Fortunately for him, these activities often go together.

Grugosh joined the party during the mission to rescue Tabika. He got on quite well with the group and has remained with them for the rest of their adventures. He obtained the “face mace” during the encounter with Ulrich the Red, which he still carries today.

Grugosh tends to dislike halflings, whom he finds ungrateful and annoying — especially that one he saved that wouldn’t thank him. He also bears a secret homicidal grudge against his fellow party member, Jebedia, who has shot him with an arrow (twice) by firing indiscriminately when others are in close combat. He would, of course, never reveal this to Jebedia’s player, nor would he post this secret on the internet, for fear that Jebedia would find out. But he will get his revenge. Oh yes, he will get his revenge.

Grugosh Bearjaw

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