Marhand Oaklord

Human Bard


Male human bard appears 32 years of age. Stands 5’8" tall and weighs 160 lbs with short brown hair, brown eyes and a slight brown beard. He is wearing studded leather and carries a broadsword, dagger, short bow and a lute.


Marhand is a travelling bard that drifts across the Karboskian Marches, entertaining any who will listen to his songs, poems and epic ballads. He is quite talented and his skill in the lute is unmatched. However he is also quite critical of himself and fails to recognize his true talent. Selfishly, he prefers to work alone rather than share the stage with another performer and risk the embarressment of being upstaged. He tends not to stay long in any one community, as before long his wonderlust calls him to the open road.

Marhand Oaklord

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