Ulrich the Red

Leader of the Red Rock Bandits


Male human fighter/rogue appears 34 years of age. Stands 5’11" tall and weighs 185 lbs with black hair, brown eyes and a short stubbly beard. He is wearing a studded leather armor. A longsword and dagger from his belt and he is carrying a mysterious black mace.


Ulrich is the leader of the Red Rock Bandits and was responsible for kidnapping Tabika, one of the dancing girls from Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse. At Bull’s request, our party of adventurers trailed the bandits and ultimately destroyed their cavernous lair. Ulrich was killed in a climactic final encounter. The party managed to rescue Tabika and quickly returned her to the Roadhouse. Grugosh Bearjaw claimed the strange black mace upon Ulrich’s demise.

Ulrich the Red

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