Jackal Dagger

This magical dagger glows with a pale green light.

weapon (melee)

This dagger appears to be a normal weapon until drawn, when it glows with a pale green light. The magical weapon is known as a Jackal Dagger. Over the millenia, these weapons have become legendary within halfling society, though they are relatively unknown to other races. Halfling craftsmen created these magical weapons to outfit halfling troops. With the aid of their jackal daggers, halfling scouts were able to hide from enemy troops. They effectively used the daggers for infiltration and sneak attacks. The weapon appears to be a normal magical dagger. However, within the +1 dagger lives jackal-like spirit. By speaking the proper command word, the wielder summons forth the “ghost jackal.”


While exploring the sewers and the old city below Dro Mandras, the Bree discovered this dagger lying near the river of filth. Bree quickly claimed it as her own and hid it beneath her cloak.

Jackal Dagger

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