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History of the Highlands

This section contains the “known” history of the Haunted Highlands, from the players perspective. It may also such things as adventure timelines, should gameplay warrant such a resource.

Recent History

In recent times, the outer marches of Karbosk have become increasingly dangerous. Humanoid armies have always threatened the Karboskian frontiers, but now something more sinister has risen and war has erupted in every corner of the Duchy. A powerful and some say eldritch orc king has risen to power and driven every humanoid within reach of his bloody axe before him in a frenzy of slaughter and mayhem.

So rapid was the invasion of this foul chieftain, known to those who have survived his plundering as Yorgach the Ravager, that even the capitol city of Dro Mandras has suffered a heavy blow. East Dro Mandras lies in ruins, with only small walled sections of the town center left standing, but under constant siege. Luckily, the humanoid army’s greed, infighting and ignorance of river navigation have staved off the tide of the invasion for now. Unfortunately for the frontier citizens of Karbosk, Duke Mandras Karbosk V and his armies are fully occupied in the recapture of East Dro Mandras, leaving much of the frontier unguarded. Opportunists not yet conscripted into the ranks of Yorgach’s horde now plunder the farmlands on all sides, leaving few places untouched. Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse is one such place…

Ancient History

The Duchy of Karbosk was established 800 years ago when King Pieter II of Rodensia established the line, granting the hard won border territory to his most feared general, Leonid Karbosk. A great civil war amongst the nobles of Rodensia brought about its eventual decline. Now the former empire occupies less than a 10th of its original holdings. Despite the collapse of King Pieter’s empire, the Duchy of Karbosk has maintained virtual autonomy from its old masters due to clever diplomacy and the presence of Lake Veyona, separating it both geographically and militarily from its former masters.


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