Deities and Religion

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Deities & Religion of the Highlands

This section details the known deities and religions of the Haunted Highlands campaign.

Ataxus is the god of chaos and Twin of Taxus. His symbol is a stylized vortex or tornado. His clerics favor the cat o’ nine tails and many wear masks featuring faces with twisted or distorted features. Most of his clerics wear a motley assortment of ill fitting clothing. Anarchists, madmen, rebels, prisoners and those at odds with authority figure amoung his typical worshippers.

Kharzarn the Cruel
Kharzarn is the evil god of slavery and misery. His symbol is an iron shackles and chains. His clerics favor the scourge and kurkri and most wear a slaves collar around their neck to show their devotion and subjugation to their wicked master (which also serves as their holy symbol). Evil slavers, assassins, mercenaries, rogues, fighters and ruthless tyrants figure amoung his typical worshippers.

Nartarus is the evil demi-god of the walking dead. His symbol is a rod of bones. His black robed clerics favor the mace or staff and are known to haunt graveyards and charnal houses, seeking to re-animate the dead. Evil priests and necromancers figure amoung his typical worshippers.

Shambere is the god of thieves and professional contract killers. His symbol is a pair of crossed daggers over a black gemstone. Many of his clerics wield a dagger or shortsword and often wear a dark face mask. Evil illusionists, assassins and rogues are the typical worshippers of Shambere.

The Green Man
The Green Man is god of nature, weather and the earth. Druids consider him the embodiment of nature and his true name is only known to their Hierophants. His symbol is an elk horn headband. Clerics of The Green Man often favor the cudgel in combat and most wear clothing and gear made from naturally found materials. Druids, rangers and farmers figure amoung his typical worshippers.

Deities and Religion

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