Legends and Lore

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Legends & Lore of the Highlands

This section contains the legends and lore of the Haunted Highlands. This page also includes all know rumors overheard by the adventurers.

Known Rumors

  • Maksim Ipati’s two sons, Borvya and Corpus, have mysteriously disappeared (Ipati Caravan Guard)
  • Yorgach left Dro Mandras in search of healing and his five generals are maintaining the siege (Asalia)
  • Crassyc and the Murder Boys are sinister and best avoided (Asalia)
  • There is a werewolf roaming the lands south of Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse (Marhand Oaklord)
  • A mysterious green smoke has been seen billowing out of the Witch Moor Hills (Norace & Wilhorn)
  • Brother Frosk is offering a reward for the recovery of a strange egg from the Crater of Umeshti (Bull)

Legends and Lore

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