Roadhouse Culture

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Culture of Dirty Bowbie’s Roadhouse

This section details notations on the culture at Dirty Bowbie’s and includes posted signage that may be if interest to adventurers.

Roadhouse Rules

This sign is posted behind the bar in the common room in Dirty’s as a constant reminder of the rules of the establishment.

I. Death Dealing Magic resulting in property damage or death is punishable by the Management.
II. All patrons are expected to be well armed and ready to defend the roadhouse at any time.
III. Actively booing a performer is punishable by banishment or being knocked clean out by the proprietors.
IV. Fondling tavern girls is punishable by removal of the offending fingers unless a price is agreed upon before hand.
V. Assault with deadly weapons results in the same being administered to ya by the Dirty’s staff.
VI. Theft is punishable by forfeiture of all valued gear and removal of the thieving hand.
VII. Welching on a bet is punishable by forfeiture of goods to cover debts and banishment from the premises.
VIII. Dun drink more than ya can handle or eat more than ya can pay for.

Roadhouse Bounties

This sign hangs near the severed heads and skulls affixed high above the Roadhouse’s heavy wooden gate.

Kobold Head: 2sp
Fresh Goblin Head: 5sp
Fresh Orc Head: 10sp
Gnoll Head: 15sp
Ogre Head: 2gp
Troll Head (scorched only): 5gp and a free drink

For bigger beasts or suspected bandits inquire within.

Roadhouse Bill of Fare

The Roadhouse offers an assortment of sleeping accommodations and a variety of food and drink alternatives, including dry rations and animal provisions to be taken on the road.

Beverages & Cost
Forgutts Red Ale – 5cp per pint mug
Blue Lightning Whiskey – 1gp per cup
Drandrerrie Wine – 10gp per bottle
Swordsinger Stout – 7cp per pint mug
Hopping Frog Beer – 2cp per pint
Table Wine – 2sp per glass (5sp per bottle)
Fruit Cider – 3cp per pint

Foodstuffs & Cost
Spiced Dry Roasted Bugs – Free if you can eat em!
Roast Beast (Catch of the Day) – 1gp per meal, all you can eat
Bread and Meat – 2sp
Dirty Bowbie’s Spiced Potatoes – 5sp per meal
Holly’s Muffins – 2cp each
Holly’s Malicious Brew – 5gp per dose
Bowbe’s Black Tobacco – 2 cp per pipe full (8sp per lb.)
Cheese Wedge – 1cp
Cheese Ring – 2sp per lb.
Bacon Eggs & Pancakes – 2sp
Broth – 1cp
Fresh Baked Fruit Pie – 1gp
Apples and Seasonal Berries – 2sp per platter
Oats, Cinnamon and Goat Blood – 2cp per bowl

Lodging & Cost
Fine Room Stay – 1gp per night
Average Room Stay – 5sp per night
Floor of the Common Room – 1sp per night
Passing out in the Beer Garden – Priceless or “Knocked Out in a Fight”

Roadhouse Compound Map

Roadhouse map

Roadhouse Culture

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